CEFX AC4400CW : 1001-1059











CEFX #1001-1025 were delivered late 2001. CEFX #1026-1059 were delivered between October and December 2004. All units are on long term lease from CIT Capital Finance (CEFX). Units #1001-1025 are painted blue and white, with grey fueltank, and grey GE Hi-Adhesion trucks. Units #1026-1059 also painted blue and white and riding on Hi-Adhesion trucks, but with black frame, fueltank and trucks.

Units CEFX #1001-1025 (Built to Union Pacific specifications) have high mounted numberboards above the cab windows, a white dome type antenna, and don't have portholes in the cab doors, while CEFX #1026-1059 (built to CP specifications) all have low nose-mounted numberboards, standard antennas, and portholes in the cab doors.

CEFX #1001-1025 off lease as of July 1, 2006, leased out to the BNSF.

CEFX 1002, 1006-1007, 1014, 1018-1020, and 1023-1024 are owned by SOO as of February 28, 2011.



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