CP ROBOTS : 1001-1032, BCR RCC3-RCC9







Wreck Rebuilds



Ex-BCR Robot Cars



CP Robot-1 (#1001) was built from Ex-baggage car #4465 and used in 11/1967, together with SD40 #5557 in a test with remote controlled mid-train locomotives, called Locotrol-1. This Locotrol setup needed Robot cars to store the radio equipment and data processing equipment, needed to communicate between the lead and slave units. Robot cars 1-16 (#1001-1016) were rebuilt from retired 'B' units in the 4400 group, or rebuilt from old baggage cars.  Robots 17-31 (#1017-1031) were built by CP's Montreal Angus shops in 1974, and Locotrol equipment was built-in at CP's Calgary Ogden shops. Robot-32 (#1032) was built in 1977 and owned by Ontario Hydro, sub-lettered CPHX #1032. A second Robot-5 (#1005:2) was built in 1978 from retired FPB-2 #4453 to replace wrecked Robot-5:1 (#1005:1).

CP also leased (and later purchased) some BCR Robot control cars. RCC-3 and RCC-4 were built in 1953 as CLC CFB16-4 units CP #4455 and #4456. RCC-5 - RCC-9 were converted by Burlington Northern from retired BN F7B units and numbered RCU #106-111. All were sold to BCR in 1980. BCR soon leased these Robots to CP Rail. CP eventually bought these Robots but never renumbered them.



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