CP GG20B : 1700-1707











The CP 1700 series were converted to GG20B Hybrid switchers by RailPower Technologies. In December 2006, the original order for 35 was terminated by Canadian Pacific and RailPower. The last finished GG20B, CP #1704, has an upgraded genset from 250Kw to 500Kw, hence the larger rear portion of the hood. Unit #1705 will be used as a demonstrator unit, while #1706, which was partially built at Ogden, Calgary AB., was disassembled and shipped east for further completion. Unit #1707 never made it past the frame stage.

CP #1700 was sold, repainted for Amtrak and renumbered to AMTK #599; CP #1701 became Railpower demo unit RPRX #1701, CP #1702 was sold to the US Army to become USAX #6004; CP #1703 was transferred to Port Coquitlam, B.C., and now works the BP refinery at Cherry Point, WA; CP #1704 was sold to BNSF in 2007; CP #1705 became Railpower demo unit RPRX #1705.



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