CP C-424 : 4200-4250










The CP 4200 series consisted of MLW C-424 units, numbered #4200-4250, all built between 1963 and 1966. Rated at 2,400 Hp, these units had a V12 4-cycle ALCO 251 turbocharged engine. Most units were retired in the late 1990s, some survived and were converted into Control Cab units, numbered in the 1100 series.

CP #4200-#4209 were delivered with high mounted headlights. This was changed to nose mounted headlights in mid-production. The high mounted headlights on #4200-4209 were relocated to the nose, while the remainder of the first two orders (#4200-#4232) had a flat plate between the numberboards where the headlight would originally be located. Units #4233-#4250 came with a seamless crease running from the roof to the nose between the numberboards and front windows.


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