CP SD40-2 : 5600-5699







Wreck Rebuilds





Units #5600-5628 (DRF-30h) were delivered between May and July, 1972. Units #5629-5658 (DRF-30j) were produced by EMD in LaGrange, Illinois, USA., due to limited production capacity of the GMD London, ON. plant. CP Rail received these units in November and December, 1972. Units #5659-5674 (DRF-30k) were again GMD-built, and delivered in April and May 1973. The rest of the 5600s are in the #5675-5699 group (DRF-30m), delivered between December 1974 and January 1975. All of the SD40-2 units in the 5600s group were delivered in the CP Rail Large Multimark paint scheme, with 5" red & white nose and cab stripes, and 5" black & white end stripes.

Unit #5675 was wrecked on the Mountain Sub in 1977 and rebuilt by CP as #5575:2. Unit #5693 was wrecked in 1980 and rebuilt by GMD in 1983 as CP #5693;2, and placed in DRF class 30v.



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