CP SD40-2 : 5800-5879










Units #5800-5805 and #5836 (DRF-30m) were built in November and December, 1974. #5836 was designated to become #5718, but since Locotrol lead unit M-630 #4552 was wrecked near Spences Bridge in 1974, CP was short of a Locotrol lead unit; #5836 eventually filled in this shortage. Units #5806-5815 (DRF-30k) were delivered in February 1974, while following units #5816-5835 (also DRF-30k) were also delivered in February 1974. All units in the #5800-5836 group were painted in the CP Rail Large Multimark scheme, with 5" red & white cab and nose stripes, and 5" black & white end stripes. Units #5837-5859 (DRF-30q) were delivered between October 1977 and January 1978, painted in the revised Large Multimark scheme with 8" nose and end stripes. New within this group were white reflective dots, instead of a solid frame stripe. Units #5860-5864 (DRF-30r) were delivered in July 1978. With a time gap of more than 6 years, units #5865-5879 (DRF-30w) were delivered in October and November 1984. These units were delivered in the CP Rail Small Multimark scheme, introduced in 1979.



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