CP SD70ACu : 6644








CP #6644 was unveiled on November 11, to commemorate D-Day on June 6, 1944. It's paint scheme is based on the Royal Air Force (RAF) Spitfire, in the colours RAF Dark green and Ocean Grey, with accents painted RAF Roundel Yellow. Road numbers and lettering use the standard RAF font used on planes of World War II vintage.

The design includes "invasion" stripes applied to to allied aircraft before the D-day landings, as well as a CP "support our troops" logo.

(note : information taken from the plaques at the unveling of these locomotives at Ogden, Calgary, AB. on November 11, 2019).

Together with SD70ACu's #7020-7023, these units feature a military themed paint scheme, with #7020 painted in NATO green, inspired by modern fighting vehicles. #7021 painted in "Desert Sand" inspired by vehicles used in recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. #7022 is painted in Royal Canadian Navy "Shipside Grey" with a Oxide red undercarriage. #7023 is honouring the Royal Canadian Air Force, painted in "Light Ghost Grey / Medium Grey used of CF-18 aircrafts.



2019 Wilco van Schoonhoven