CP SD90MAC : 9100-9160








Units #9100-9111 (DRF-43) were built by GMD and delivered in 1998. Units #9112-9160 (DRF-43) were assembled by CP in 1998 and 1999 at it's Ogden Shops in Calgary, AB., with kits supplied by GMD. All units are painted in the CPR Beaver paint scheme, with red & white dashed frame stripes, except #9159 which was outshopped in the CP "United Way" scheme.

58 Units (except #9129, 9133 & #9138, which are already retired) have been put up for sale (10/2012). As of early 2018, all remaining units are still on CP property. The remaining 58 units will be rebuilt in 2019 as SD70ACu's #7000-7059.



2018 Wilco van Schoonhoven