CP 1686







Built by : GMD

Built in : 1953 as TH&B 76

Serial Number : A 514

Class : DS-17

Paint Scheme : CP Rail no-Multimark

This Photo : Wilco van Schoonhoven, 2003


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. TH&B 76 at Buffalo, NY., painted in the TH&B Maroon/Cream paint scheme. Photo by Wayne Schenk, 1975. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

2. CP 1686 at Schreiber, ON., painted in the CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bill Sanderson, 2001.


Paint Data : CP Rail no-Multimark


Notes : Built by GMD as TH&B GP7 #76 (1953), acquired by CP, rebuilt with a 1,750 Hp. 16-567C engine block, chop-nosed and renumbered to #1686 (1988). Unit has no dynamic brakes. Equipped with CANAC remote control 'beltpack' equipment. Retired (5/17/2012). Scrapped at Moose Jaw, SK.


* : Originally built as a GP7, this unit received a 1,750 Hp.16-567C engine replacing the original 1,500 Hp. 16-567B engine when overhauled and renumbered to #1686, technically making it a GP9u unit. CP retains the GP7u designation for the ex-TH&B units numbered in the #1682-1687 group.