CP 5475







Built by : EMD

Built in : 1975 as SOU 3247

Serial Number : 75615-4

Class : DRF-30

Paint Scheme : CP Rail Dual Flags*

This Photo : Bill Sanderson, 1993


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 3247 at Montreal, QC, painted in the Ex-Norfolk Southern black paint scheme. Photo by Bruce Chapman, 1993;

2. CP 5475 at Smiths Falls, ON., painted in the CP Rail Dual Flags paint scheme. Photo by Bill Sanderson, 1997;

3. NREX 5475 at Galesburg, IL., painted primer grey, lettered NREX. Photo by Joe Ferguson, 2007. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Paint Data : CP Rail Dual Flags


Notes : Built by EMD as Southern #3247 (7/1975), to Norfolk Southern #3247 (1982), then to GATX #3247 (1991). Acquired by CP (6/15/1992), and renumbered to CP #3247. Repainted and renumbered to CP #5475 (3/1993). Operating as B-unit with cab windows blanked out. This was the first unit to be painted "CP Rail System". Retired (2003). Sold to NRE, Capreol, ON. (9/2004), became NREX #5475. Then to America Latina Logistica ALL #9472.


* : As shown in the picture above, CP #5475 was outshopped in 3/1993 with the "CP Rail System" lettering, but didn't had the US / Canadian Flags, or "Dual Flags" logo applied yet. This Dual Flags logo was applied a few months later.