CP 5533







Built by : GMD

Built in : 1967

Serial Number : A 2178

Class : DRF-30b2 QES

Paint Scheme : CP Rail Large Multimark

This Photo : Bill Sanderson, 1984


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 5533 at Revelstoke, B.C., painted in the Maroon & Grey "Script" paint scheme. Photoby Bob Wilt, 1971. From the E.D. Motis collection;

2. CP 5533 at Montreal, QC., painted in the CP Rail Large Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bruce Chapman, 1975. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

3. CP 5533 at Port Coquitlam, B.C., painted in the CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Mark Forseille, 1998;

4. DM&E 6089 at Davenport, IA., painted in the ex-CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Eric K. Augatis, 2007. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Paint Data : Maroon & Grey "Script" > CP Rail Large Multimark, 5" stripes > CP Rail Large Multimark, 8" stripes, white frame stripe > CP Rail no-Multimark


Notes : Upgraded to SD40-2 electrical specifications. Also equipped with a Q-Tron device for increased tractive effort. Sold to Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern (11/1/1999), became DME #6089.