CP 5640







Built by : EMD

Delivered in : 1972

Serial Number : 72657-12

Class : DRF-30j

Paint Scheme : CP Rail Small Multimark

This Photo : Jim Johnston, 1982


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 5640 at Montreal, QC., painted in the CP Rail Large Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bruce Chapman, 1979. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

2. CP 5640 at Port Coquitlam, B.C., equipped with "Elephant Ears", painted in the CP Rail Small Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Claude Prutton, 1982;

3. CP 5640 at Smiths Falls, ON., painted in the CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bill Sanderson, 1989.


Paint Data : CP Rail Large Multimark, 5'' stripes > CP Rail Small Multimark, 8" stripes > CP Rail no-Multimark


Notes : Tested with "Elephant Ears" (1982-1983). The units had shrouds mounted to the back of the long hood. The idea behind the shrouds was that  they could draw cooler air for the radiators from down low in tunnels, rather than pulling in hot air which had been warmed by the exhaust of units. The shrouds were found to be not very effective and were removed in October 1983. Declared surplus (11/2006). Sold to Rail & Motor International (RIMX) for parts (5/2009).